A special treat for daddy

Submissive Slut

Mom decided daddy deserved a special treat when he got home from work. She handcuffed my legs and wrists together and had me lying totally nude with my pussy and ass wet and ready for him as soon as he got home. When he opened to door and found me bound on the bed like a good little Submissive slut daughter, he got so hard! He was tired from work, but not too tired to give me the good hard fucking I had cumming. He left me totally handcuffed and unable to move while he took his time fucking each of my holes. He started with my mouth, before moving to my pussy. He ended the whole hot session by cumming hard and blowing a huge load inside of my tight asshole. I was left tied up, used and full of my dom’s cum, just like a good subby whore deserves.

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