Nasty waitress

Submissive slutDaddy called his friends over to watch a baseball game with him. I was their slutty little waitress, in lingerie and heels and servicing their every need. Since my daddy told me to be a submissive slutty waitress I had to fill whatever they ordered. Whether it was a blowjob, lap dance, a dp, or just cock riding I was to fill any and all request just as my daddy told me, and my master gets what he wants. I spent two and one half hours doing any and all cock tricks requested and when they left daddy rewarded me by fucking me like I love. He pulled my hair and pounded me from the back all while finger fucking my asshole. I begged for more but my daddy master would just spank me, tell me to be silent, and then slam his cock into my cunt deeper and harder. He pounded me until I was way past swollen and he left me handcuffed in the bed. I hope it is to come back and fuck me later.

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