Take Me Out To The Ball Game

submissive whore tied upI knew when Master took me to the football game that there was more to it then him just being nice. he is never nice without an ulterior motive.
I had no idea what it was but the entire game my cunt was throbbing as I waited for the shoe to drop. The anticipation was killing me.
After the game master took my hand and led me to the locker room. I just knew that he had given me to the team as a reward for winning and I braced myself for the gang bang I was about to get. A team of hot and sweaty football players had my panties soaking wet.
What happened next surprised me more then anything. It seems master has a male submissive on the team. He was tied up in the shower and we were all alone. laying next to him was more rope and I knew it was for me.
In came the team, they snatched me up and strung me up just like Masters male submissive.
My cunt wouldn’t stop flowing, it was dripping down the inside of my legs. I knew we were both in for the time of our submissive lives.

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