Naughty Submissive

Submissive WhoreI have been such a naughty submissive to my Master. I have been testing my limits and being such a little brat. Sometimes I can’t help myself. I get so frustrated at times and I lash out by not complying with his rules. Master will only let me take it so far before he gives me a spanking I will not forget for a while. This morning he told me that when he returned home from work I was to be dressed sexy with high heels on. With makeup and my hair in a nice tight bun with collar and leash on. And he said it better be done. I know that tone I heard in his voice it is the tone of he is close to snapping and whipping me hard if I don’t behave. It is still pretty early and I haven’t decided what I am going to do yet. Part of me is craving to be put into my place and part of me does not want the pain that comes with his discipline.

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