No Top Court Judge

Let’s get ready to keep a selfish judge from his well deserved new seat. We will call him the naughty judge who knows how to make all the girls cringe. He’s got habits where he will lock you up if you don’t give him some pussy. I can’t stand him, but I can’t stay out of trouble, so I need this motherfucker to set me free I need him now to save my ass. And since I understand that I need him to save my ass I’ve got to give him a great incentive. The naughty judge is going to be really happy when I get through with him I will make sure I go free. If I don’t suck his dick like this old bastard requires he’s going to have me locked up and he said they will throw away the key, that motherfucker is such a bastard but I’ve got to deal with him he is judging me. He’s getting a promotion that’s what he thinks, but I will take pictures and expose him because I’m tired of being his sex slave. The whores I know said this loser is going to be on the fucking Top Court in the country. I will make sure he doesn’t make it I will show everybody this motherfucker he is terrible. You can’t take me through all of this bullshit and then get a hot promotion. You are mistaken if you think I’m not going to get mad in fact I am furious. I’ll get you back you’re going to see you’ll never get that job I promise you-you won’t. Judge my ass you stupid motherfucker I’m not going to let you get that job. I will ruin all your chances I promise I will, and I don’t give a fuck about your feelings. Slow down these days, take your time you’re going to get it now. Yeah remember in court when you were treating me like a motherfucking whore, remember you called me back in chambers and made me give you a wet-back BJ as you call it? Well, I got you now you’re never going to get that job you fucking son-of-a-bitch. You think your daughter is going to have a reason to be proud of you. I think not I’m going to make sure that cunt whore never sees her father get any fucking promotion. I want your daughter to know that you’re a motherfucking lousy man A really really horrible guy who doesn’t deserve anything useful after all the shit you put women through in your court. Now if you want that job you better do some shit for me you got to suck my toes, and then you got to suck my ass I need it right now, and you’re my mother fucking slave white boy. I have the cards in my hand so is the wet back now, Judge?!

Bare bottom spankings


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