Nipple torture

Submissive Whore

I was a bad little whore and Daddy decided I needed to be punished. He tied me up in ropes so that I was bent forward and couldn’t sit up straight. Then he took two small thin ropes and wrapped them tightly around my little puffy pink nipples. He tightened them until my poor nipples were numb and blue and attached weights to the end so that they pulled on my tits. Then he went behind me and began to fuck my tight little pussy. With every stroke of his big cock in and out of my tight cunnie, the weighted rope on my nipples swung and sent waves of pain and pleasure through my tits. He pounded me with his hard cock until I was cumming and screaming at the same time. Only when he had made me squirt and was begging him to release me, did he fill my pussy up with a hot load of cum. Each of my brothers had a turn fucking my slave cunt and making my nipple weight jostle and swing when he was done using me. Once they all had a turn fucking me and filling me with a load of cum, he finally untied me and released my nipples from their torture. They were sore and tender and bruised for the next week. I promised them I would be a good little Submissive slut for them. I swore I would do anything they wanted, they could fuck any of my holes, but please don’t put the weights back on my tinder little nipples and perky tits. Now every time I think of disobeying my Daddy or my brothers, I think about how painful my nipples were and how they’ll do it again. They told me my next punishment for being a bad slave will be even worse if I step out of line.


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