Fuck machine

Submissive slut

Master got a new toy this week and he couldn’t wait to try it out on me. He bought a fuck-saw with a big dildo attached to the end. The size of the thick rubber cock made my pussy wet but also made me a little scared. He could pleasure me with it, but he could also torture me with it by fucking my pussy, mouth, and ass with the intimidating toy for hours. He had me lay stomach down on the rack in his dungeon and he handcuffed my ankles and my wrists so I couldn’t move or escape. Then he used the fuck-saw to fuck my tight little pussy nice and hard. The big cock on the end plunged in and out of my pussy so fast I could barely handle it. In no time, I was squirting all over myself. When he had finished fucking my pussy with it, he lubed up my asshole and gave me a hard backdoor pounding with it. By the end of the night I had came so many times that I lost count of all my orgasms.

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