No Gas, No Grass, Just Ass

Submissive Sex

I could feel such an ache in my pussy, my nipples sore as a fresh beaten ass. Where was I? I sat up and tried to gain my bearings. I was on the side of the highway, and I didn’t know why. Dressed like an A Class hooker, I had no choice but to start walking towards a town.

A nice trucker pulled over, and coaxed me into his cab only for me to find him stroking his cock. “If you need a ride, missy, I’ve got something for you!” He laughed, pulling me up onto his lap so I could mount his throbbing cock. He slammed into me a we were parked on the side of the highway, reminding me it was “Gas, grass, or ass.” in these parts.

That’s when I found out my druggy bender had taken me all the way to West Virginia! I didn’t have much time to think as his cock was slamming into me harder and harder, again and again. Once he unloaded in my port, he boosted me a ride to the state line where he suggested I hit the truck stop, and try to use my cunt to catch another ride.

Bondage Whore

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