Nothing but a fuckhole


Prostate phone sex

I tongue fucked Masters asshole hard before inserting my finger. Prostate phone sex was one of his favorite games to keep me in line. I had been trained by my husband before he sold me into slavery but Master’s game was quite different.

Master preferred to go to the gym first for a long workout. He reeked of smelly sweat right down to his nut sac. Then he’d also forget to wipe his ass very well. I’d be forced to suck his nasty balls and tongue out the bits of shit and toilet tissue. If I retched, I’d be beaten, so I tongue fucked him deep and hard, lapping every bit of foul matter until he was clean.

Next, I’d suck his cock, easing a finger into his bowels. I’d fuck him slow until I found this special knob deep inside. I could always tell when I hit it, because he’d fuck my mouth furiously. Crouching low over my face, he face fucked me hard, barely letting me come up for air. I’d finger fuck his ass until he was ready to come. He’d pull out with a roar and shoot his load all over my face and hair, calling me a a worthless cunt.


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