Office Party Fuck Doll

Submissive whoreBeing a submissive whore is more than just being tied up, dominated, and fucked!
I have duties, responsibilities. I must make sure that my master is pleased and perform what ever tasks he asks, Even if it hurts
Most recently, he was up for a promotion and he wanted to make a good impression to his boss at the company picnic.
He dressed me in the sexiest little sun dress and high heals and attached my leash and collar.
He always tells everyone that I am a hot piece of ass and today was no different. He loves watching other men drool and salivate as he plays with my tits and squeezes my tight ass.
His boss watches as he fondles me in front of him, paying close attention to his hands sliding up my dress.
He hands my leash to his boss and orders me to suck his cock!
I instantly obey and drop to my knees and unzip his pants. The man looks surprised as I pull his thick cock out and start deep throating him right there in front of everyone but I feel him slowly start thrusting as his meat hardens. Soon he is pulling my face hard against him as he unloads a healthy dose of thick cum deep in my throat!
Suddenly there was a line forming and men started to circle around taking turns pounding my tight ass and stuffing my sloppy wet cunt! I was the star of my own little gangbang!
By the end of the party, my owner had been given a substantial raise and both my ass and cunt are dripping with enough cum to impregnate every nun in a convent!
When we got home, he told me how pretty I looked being torn apart by all those big fat cocks, and then it was his turn and I was so thankful for the familiar feel of his thick meat  as he fucked me long hard like the filthy little whore I am!

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