On My Knees

submissive whore robynOn my knees, hands on my thighs, eyes staring down at the carpet.
I know that you like me silent and submissive, waiting for your commands.
Obedient in every thing I do. I am here for your pleasure.
Pleasing you is what I live for.
Take me as you will. Mold me into your perfect little whore.
I worship you my Master.
We both know that women are meant to serve and please men. To be seen and not heard. To speak only when spoken to.
My cunt is soaking wet waiting for you to decide when I am worthy of your cock.
Will you fuck me today or will you use me as your cum dumpster? Will you keep me for yourself today or share me with your friends?
It doesn’t matter Master as long as you are happy, I am happy.

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