Own me

Submissive phone sex

I’d do anything to be a good submissive whore. I put on FetLife that I needed a new merciless dom. I want someone who will take no mercy and punish my holes like the deserving piggy whore that I am. I love being tied up like a hog and having my ass whipped and abuse! Make me feel worthless and insignificant! I only live to serve you and worship your cock! I aim to be the perfect sub for you! I am a pain whore and I love getting whipped and smacked around like the dirty fucking slut I am.

I will beg to have a chance to suck your cock whenever possible, all day, every day. I will be waiting on my knees from the moment you come home! I want you to force fuck me, do whatever you want to me! Punish my worthless cunt and make me choke on your cock until I turn blue. That is the only purpose I serve for you, Master. Own me and I will do anything for you. I’m an eager subby bitch and I aim to please! If and when you decide to be my master, I will do anything you ask of me, scarring will only serve as a reminder that you own my body.


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