Pain Slaves Take What They’re Given

Bondage And Submission

I’m strung up by my ankles, dangling two feet above the cold, linoleum floor. I’ve been stripped naked like the slut I am. My legs are spread, my glistening cunt on display for the onlookers. The stage lights are hot on my skin, but not as hot as the bite of the whip. The sting always follows the crack of it, but it splits on my soft skin, and I scream every time. The audience applauds, those of them who aren’t stroking their cocks, or sucking someone off, or best of all getting railed. I was on display, being beaten within an inch of my life while my cunt got soaked beyond my wildest dreams as the world looked on. i was being humiliated on public international television, and that thought alone is enough to make me damn well squirt.

Master pressed the brand into my fat ass cheek, and I scream as my skin bubbled beneath the red hot steel. His name was forever, painfully seared onto my ass, and every man I fucked from here on out would know who I belonged to. I’m a slave to him, for now and forever. I screamed as he began to whip me again, my cunt getting wetter with every fucking stroke.

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