Pantyhose Foot Fetish Fun

submissive phone sex

So, there’s this thing called submissive phone sex. I have been living the nightmare for over 8 yrs now and Master’s demands are just getting more outrageous with time. Last night you called me to your den. I bowed at your feet. You yanked me up by my hair and ordered me to put on my “slut suit.”  That meant we were probably going to one of your famous parties where it would be “no-holes-barred” with me. I’d get passed around like a plate of Hors d’oeuvres in a starving crowd of drug doused pervs.  I knew by the time I went home, I’d be a mess of raw flesh, covered in bruises, and exposed to all kinds of disease.

Tonight, you wanted me to wear pantyhose and heels. I knew that was code for your foot fetish crowd. They cared nothing about my pussy or mouth. These were piggie-sucking and fucking,  joe-jam slurping losers. Shredding my pantyhose open to get to my pink-toenailed jewels. Several of them at one time would be rubbing their cocks over my legs and feet, admiring the soft foot flesh. They’d press my soles together, fervently fucking my my foot pussy.

What they don’t know is your dirty secret. Later, when the party is over, you’ll have me peel off the ripped and jizz soaked pantyhose. You’ll put them to your nose, inhale deeply, and then moan. I will stroke your cock, chanting. “Pretty pink piggies, all soaked in cum.” You’ll suck out all of the fuck juices from my smelly hose until you spurt your own load on my waiting little tootsies.


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