Pissed On and Degraded on Public Train

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I was sitting on the train when a man came up to me. He had a trench coat on, which was suspicious to me but not enough to strike up a conversation. He asked me sexy personal questions such as “Had I ever had a golden shower?” and “Do I love being degraded?”. Of course, I told him that I have had a golden shower and that being degraded is my purpose in life. I am a submissive whore whose place is to be used. He then got up and opened his coat to reveal he wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear. He grabbed his cock and started spraying me with his piss right in front of everyone in the train. I tried to pretend that I had more self-respect than I actually had, but it was obvious to everyone that I loved being covered in his piss. I got to my stop and got off the train, my pussy so wet from being publicly degraded by that stranger.

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