Please Let me Go

submissive sexYou kidnapped me from a bar last night, you must’ve slipped a drug in my drink because all I remember is drinking a feeling like I needed to get some air. I looked around and I have no fucking clue where I am. I tried to scream for help but there was something in my mouth, I started to cry because there was nothing that I could do. You stepped out of the shadows laughing at me and told me that I was going to be here forever. You told me that you’ve been watching me and that my body is fucking yours. You pulled me up and started ripping all of my fucking clothes off one by one as I cry and beg for you to let me go. You finally got them all off and you tell me your fucking cock is getting so fucking hard listening to be cry and scream. You pull out your cock and know what is gong to happen. You were going to assault my fucking body. You stuck your long fingers in my tight fucking cunt stretching me out before you sucked on them telling me how fucking good my pussy taste. You gave me no warnings and just shoved your huge fucking cock into my tight fucking cunt. It hurts so fucking bad and eventually you cum deep inside of me filling my pussy up. You tell me that I am going to be here forever and that I am going to be your breeding whore.

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    • Alain on June 9, 2022 at 6:05 pm
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    Sounds to me like you had it coming, sweetheart.

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