Please master let me taste it?!

Submissive slut How did I get here? I knew what I was getting into… or did I? You show no mercy on me master as you rip through my ass hole! I know I’m yours and anything I do you will punish me. So, don’t mind me while I break every rule! I want you to break me! Break my back, my ass, and my soul! Make me yours! I’m a pain whore, and I want you to prove to me I’m nothing but a whore, your whore! I like to be used for your pleasure! The things your vanilla wife won’t do… you know I will, more than willingly! Its almost sad how desperate I am for your punishments! I need you; I need to be put in my place! Force fuck me in every hole I have, then finish me off with two cocks, double penetrating my holes! I know I deserve it, but do I deserve it? Your cock is all I want! Please master let me taste it?! Feed me like the pig I am baby! I want every drop and will lick it all up, ensuring you are shocked by my performance! I’ll lie to you and say I don’t need you, as long as you know you’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution! I’ll let you decide which one I am!

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    • Burt on May 11, 2022 at 10:09 am
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    You seem eager to please and that is making my cock bulge in my pants.

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