Preseley Punishes Me With You

submissive slutI love being a naughty little brat but in the end I have to be punished for it! This is done when you Master and Mistress Presley decides to put me in my place by dragging me down to her room of naughty toys and devices that make any submissive slut like me whimper and tremble and start to beg for forgiveness! She makes me get down on the floor and grovel while tying me up in some kinky and tight bondage! She tells me I am going to get the punishment that a little whore like me deserves. She takes my slutty body and starts torturing me slowly by spanking me bare bottom with just her hands to using a flogger against my back, ass and pussy! Miss Presley knows what she is doing and tells you to come fuck my ass as she spread my ass cheeks apart. You slam and force fuck my shit hole as hard as you can to make me scream that gets us both wet! She gets under me with different toys to torture my clit, edging my dripping wet cunt for hours telling me how I am such a good cum dumpster for her and my master!submissive slut

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