Bound And Degraded

Submissive Slut
He’d held me there for weeks; bound up and naked, his new little fuck toy. It was useless to try and escape him. I’d tried once, but I was trapped and there was no way out of my new found, forced sexual slavery. I quickly fell into the world of being used and owned like nothing more than a piece of property. There were constantly men to be serviced, occasionally women, and from time to time a four legged fido friend someone brought to torment me with.

I was expected to put on a show and entertain. This was easier done than said, as they pretty much would just direct and command me to perform such fucked up shit I can barely stand to speak about it. My holes were used as rotten cum dumps and there was nothing I could do to ward off the electrostatics torment they repeatedly put me through. The last thing I remember is getting double penetrated with woofy fuzz cocks and choking down loads of knotty cum.

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