daddy’s piss princess

submissive whore

 Daddy loves to show me he is my owner. Every time daddy comes over I know my tight ass is about to get gaped. I love to get on my knees and show him my perfect ass. I know he will use my holes and make his holes. It is going to be crystal clear once daddy gives me his cock. Who owns who. I love to be his submissive whore who will ultimately beg for all his cum and a nice golden shower. Daddy can gape my asshole and piss in it like a urinal and cum all over it, marking his territory. I’m always willing to give him full access to me, not that he needs permission, because he indeed owns me in every way. I love to do lots of blow and percs and be a slutty cum slut for him.

I am begging daddy for him to punish me with his big rod. I want to feel him in my guts.

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    • Jacob on March 30, 2022 at 6:53 pm
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    I have always wanted to piss in a whore’s asshole.

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