Prostate milking is what caged bitch needs to do

When you are a pathetic slut like me you are used for Prostate milking by your owner anytime, they need. “Get out of your cage I need you to show me your mouth isn’t worthless”. After I crawl out my cage you right away bend me over your lap. “Spread your legs for me slut”. Then your hand smacks down on my bald cunt. The pain gives me shivers from my pussy up my body. One spank to my cunt after the other gave me pain and made my cunt wet.

Just to have my master touch my cunt makes me melt. After my cunt is red and swollen you stop and now your cock is hard poking through your pants. “Thank you master, I want to show you how grateful I am”. Therefore, you stand up and you take your pants off. As I see your cock spring out of your pants, my mouth starts to water. “Suck my cock Submissive Whore, you will feed off me tonight”. As soon as I heard that my pussy twitched, and I sucked your cock into my mouth.

Prostate milking

After you feel your dick in my mouth, you grab my hair and pound my throat hard. “Eat my cock slut, I don’t care if you can’t breathe”. That is exactly what happened, I felt my body passing out. But that is when you pull your cock out and I take a deep breath. “Lick my asshole” you say as you lift your balls up. I dove into your ass with my tongue and wiggled hard. “Milk my dick bitch”.

“Make it worth me keeping you as my pet” you say while stroking your cock on my forehead. Your hands grip me by my hair and shove my head deeper into your asshole. “That’s it bitch, eat me like you are hungry” is all I hear as my tongue vibrates inside your ass. Finally, your balls tighten up and your semen starts spraying all over my face. “Thank you master” is all i can say.

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