Punish And Humiliate Me

submissive whore


Are you looking for some fun today? Maybe those deep dark fantasies that fill your head when it is quiet are creeping into a reality for you. You know what I have been thinking about today baby? You. You are being cruel and harsh and making me your little obedient bitch. I want you to degrade and humiliate me and punish me if I tell you no. I want you to spank my bare bottom until it is bright red and I beg and plead for you to stop. Tie me up and put nipple clamps on my breasts and pull until them are red and ripping and little streams of blood from them. Spread my legs and tie a want to my clit and laugh as I orgasm over and over again. So much that tears run from eyes they hurt so bad. But you don’t care at all do you? You are just getting started. I talked back and now it is time for my punishment. Humiliation hurts the worst so you attach my collar and leash and dress me as slutty as you can. Then you lead me to the car and to the mall and restaurants. Making me service all the men and women you command me too. Then you take me to the local homeless camp and smile as they form a line in front of me.

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