Your Sex Slave

Erotic Submissive StoriesI’ve always wanted to be a little sex slave! I spend a lot of my time looking for a dominant man  to put my slutty cunt in it’s place and reminding me who I belong to! I used to be grabbed by my throat and shoved against a wall before being forced to kneel down and start sucking on full hot ball sacks and being surrounded by a bunch of dominant cocks! I immediately start to suck and jerk off all of them while playing with my horny pussy. I’d make myself squirt and cum multiple times for them to watch me drown in my own juices! Then they’d used my juices and my mouth to lube up their big dicks and force as many as they could into my ass. I’d scream and moan while they continues to push cocks down my throat and swallow up the finishing cocks! They tied me down and played with my body, torturing every part up me from my tits to my clit! I was a good sex slave and would cum on demand! They finished me off by releasing their loads onto my body and watched as I cleaned it all up!

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