Punish Me

submissive slut I was walking into the house when he came from behind and grabbed me. He covered my face with a pillowcase, handcuffed my hands and led me to a waiting car. I knew who it was by the feel of his hands on my face. I knew that this was my punishment for playing with my pussy without permission. Part of me was scared but mostly I was excited. My pussy was wet, and my panties were soaked by the time we arrived. He led me into the building and down the stairs. He lifted my handcuffed arms above my head and fastened them to a pulley. Then he ripped open my shirt and attached nipple clamps and weights. My pussy was throbbing now. He then lifted the pillowcase off my face and put duct tape over my mouth. As my eyes adjusted to the low lighting, I could see a dozen or so men watching as I hung there. Some appeared to have their cocks out of their pants and were stroking. He then stood back and told them that I was all theirs to do with what they wanted until he was tired of watching. I was so turned on that when he ripped my panties off, and his finger grazed my clit I orgasmed right there. He laughed, called me a slut and backhanded my face. The things those men did to me was naughty and dirty and I loved every painful minute of it. Give me a call and let me tell you about it.

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