Submissive Whore Master says I have a sexy fucking body and overall a great slave for him. But he says I have a very bratty attitude. And he is right I want things too and the only way to top my Master is to be a brat. When he says to me first position which means on my knees hands behind my back folded. Back arched and titties out with my head up. When I am in one of my bratty moods I will do the first position but maybe I won’t put my hands folded behind my back. Or I will lower my head or not arch my back. A slight difference of what he expects the first position to be. I know I will be receiving a whipping for my disrespect and lack of obedience. But his whippings turn me on and I am so in the mood for a red burning ass. Master knows the punishments I can’t handle and the ones I hate. I think he likes my brattiness and that is why I get away with for so long before he puts his foot down.

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