My Bitch Susie

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Susie is so innocent, or that is just what Everyone likes to think. But I know Susie different Susie is a bit of a sex Queen I know a guy who called Susie and God is he says that she’s the best in the world. I was wondering all about Susie, and I found out for sure Susie is mother fucking whore. Suzy likes to fuck out in the open. I thought I knew her like everyone else thought they did, but look at the truth it’s hard enough for you to believe that she is not a come guzzling porn addict dizzy juice Junkie. I knew Susie wasn’t in the Sim whenever she went to the club with James. James is a pimp, and he can really make girls do everything, so maybe he turned her out, well thank you, James, you really made this bitch into a provider for herself. This cunt gets is in every guy’s face she acts like she was innocent I think she had something laced and that shit she was smoking. Susie’s Not Innocent anymore, or she’s a bad bitch now she makes all of the other Trifles upset, to say the least. I’m ready for a Susie now I want Susie to get down with some guys I know she’s going to do some blow and then dance for them. But I am supposed to wait until Susie falls out and then I am supposed to dig my tongue inside of her pussy and eat or just like a Girly Cunt cookie. I will be glad to eat Susie’s pussy so good for her she’s going to be out like a log, but it’s okay with me. My friends paid me if I could fuck her after we’re the strap-on until she woke up that makes my pussy jump I love that so much.

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