Ready. Aim. Prepare. Enter!

Submissive sexRape! Ready. Aim. Prepare. Enter! I love to watch you live out your most “disturbing desires” on her! She is so little I didn’t think your huge, pulsating cock would fit but lo and behold, she is a good little whore! I love how you are able to be the lion that you really are. Let the predator out! You caught your prey fair and square! Now feast! Rip her open and enjoy her tight little cunny as she fights. You like the fight because by the time you’re done using her like a cock sleeve she will be broken and have no more fight in her. Fuck her hard and punish her! She wanted you! She smiled at you and even came along willingly, now it’s your turn to cum baby. Rip her wide open and make her gapping for you! Fill her up like the cum dumpster she is! Now use her face. Fuck her face like the whore she is. Make her clean your huge dick, after all it’s her fault you cock is dirty! Make her gag on, it tiny tears streaming down her face it’s like she knows her little ass hole is next! You love the way you can throw her around like a ragdoll! You flip her and shove you dick so deep in her ass; I swear I saw it come out her fuck mouth! I love how rough you are! You really are the king on this jungle baby now it’s time to finish her! Finish your pray so we can feast together!

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    • Terry on April 20, 2022 at 1:15 pm
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    That is exactly the kind of encouragement a sick fuck like me needs.

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