Prostate Milking

prostate milkingProstate milking is not something I ever expected to do. It seemed like a dominant thing to do and I am a far cry from dominant. I am, however, obedient so when asked to do something, I do it. I thought I would be milking my Master. He is old, so it made sense he would want his balls drained. So, I was quite shocked when he ushered in his teen grandson. He was naked, shackled and in the ass fucking position. Master gave me a strap on and ordered me to sodomize his grandson’s ass. He was caught blowing a friend of his, so this was his punishment. Master thought that if he got his ass torn up, he would not want cock anymore. Clearly, my Master has never had anything up his ass before. I tried to explain about the male G-spot, but Master silenced me. I am not homophobic; whatever gets your dick hard is fine by me. Master on the other doesn’t want a gay grandson. I did as I was told. I fucked his grandson hard with no lube in his ass while Master called him a fag and asked if he liked being a bottom bitch. Wrong question to ask, because he clearly loved it. His young cock was rock hard. Hammer hard. He came so hard with me in his ass. Not what Master wanted.  I got punished for making his grandson a fag. He sodomized me for hours. I hurt so bad I couldn’t sit. I did enjoy fucking the boy, made me feel like an alpha dog for a moment. Sadly, the moment didn’t last and I paid for my enjoyment with a prolapsed ass. But if you want your prostate milked, I am happy to help. We just can’t tell my Master.

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