Red is my favorite color

bare bottom spankings

I love to wear red not only in clothing but on my skin. My daddy loves to give me bare-bottom spankings. I like the ones that sting so much they feel like hell for hours. Daddy doesn’t like that I sneak out and fuck the boys from the other side of the tracks. daddy has gotten into my game and has figured out that his princess loves when men abuse her. My daddy wasn’t happy that he had a rule, and that is he is the only one that can ruin his baby girl’s emotional state and physical and defiantly mental state. Daddy wants to be the only man that has the right to destroy his baby girl. I now get a lot of attention from my daddy. After all, I have these daddy issues, and he’s going to make sure I learn to be only his slut. My dirty daddy has a valentines day gift for me, but first, I have to live my red dress and let him see my pretty holes, so he can fuck them up and bruise them up. Daddy is going to make me wear red in all aspects. Not only am I going to drive him crazy with a slutty red dress on valentines day he is also going to whip me and make me wear red physically. Daddy, abuse me tonight and every night after that, please. I’m your little fuck slut. I will never be anything more than a fuck slut who 

lives life thinking about how men deserve to be above women forever. I like to be inferior to men who treat me like straight trash. My cunt gets so wet when I am being used. Treat me like a trashy whore and fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. You will see that there’s nothing that turns me on more than a man with a rough hand. I’m the most all-in for bondage as well. I’m quite the bondage whore for daddy and all mean men.

bondage whore

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    • Krispin on June 20, 2022 at 10:11 am
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    Call me daddy and wear a red dress and we are all set, hunny.

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