Restrain Me

Sexy Bondage


My master had some really sexy bondage in store for me today. He bought these new bed restraints that are shaped like an “x” and you place it underneath the mattress to come out at each bed post. I was so excited when he got home that I was already naked and horny as hell as his welcome home gift. Master quickly set up the restraints and instructed me to lay down and spread out my limbs like a sinister little snow angel. Before I knew it my ankles and wrists were bound and pulled taut as a wire to keep me from making the slightest bit of movement against him. Then he pulled out a flog and started spanking my silky pussy lips with it! First I winced but then I was oozing precum all down my ass cheeks. He smiled as he noticed my little hips pushing forward, begging for more hits and tsked his tongue. “Now Caitlin, did you actually think I’d let you enjoy this?” He said wickedly. Suddenly his flog was whacking at my exposed nipples leaving reddened welts that made me scream and cry for a cease of his punishment! But he wouldn’t stop… he did so much more to me than that when I was completely helpless and at his mercy. I suppose he had a bad day at work today, and I deserved every bit of what master gave to me.



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