revenge on the cheerleader

submissive slut

I became a submissive slut for a dweeb in the weirdest way.

We all know cheerleaders are whores. I’m not the exception. I am always looking down on all the dweebs, and I know I am sexy and popular, so I do it without any regrets. I should have more humble qualities, but I feel sexier being a mean slut. I do not learn unless she’s made to, and that’s how I got in quite a pickle.

I had a lab partner who happened to be the most annoying little prick. He knew I couldn’t stand him. I was popular. He wasn’t. I wanted to pay him off so that he spent zero time with me. He kept telling me he wouldn’t take my bribes or any money. Little nerd Nate told me it’s a project requiring both of us. I huffed and puffed and realized this fucker enjoyed putting me through the wringer. He knew I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. I should have known he wanted to get even.

I had to ace this or be off the cheer team. It was a complex task, and I found myself begging him to do the whole thing himself.

He told me not its a team effort, and I should know all about teams and gangbangs. I couldn’t believe this fucker was talking low to me. He began to assure me that if I wanted to pass, I had to do some extreme bondage with him. Nate had a lot of pent-up anger with the rest of the cheer squad and me. We all did make lots of fun of him. I could genuinely understand his reasoning for getting even.  I knew I’d be an extreme bondage cheer slut for him right then and there. He began to beat me and use my holes. I let him rock my body in the worst ways so that I could stay on the cheer team.

Extreme bondage

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    • Buddy on May 6, 2022 at 6:27 pm
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    Cheerleaders were always little cunts to me, and I would have treated them great.

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