Maybe your whimpers will satisfy me!

Submissive slut

Gagged and tired, nipple weights swinging, i pant as I try to catch my bearing. My arms are tied behind me, but are also above my head, so all the blood is rushing to my head! I don’t want to use the safe signal, but I’m close to doing so! I have been punished by you before, but this time is different. You seem to really be enjoying all the sick depraved punishments you have concocted tonight. I am a pain whore, a big one, and I pride myself on being able to take any punishment you can dole out! Spit on me, beat me, flog me, hang me from the rafters like the pig I am, having me squeal for hours! Whatever it takes to get your frustrations out, and I’m your girl! I’m a submissive whore here for your pleasure. The ways you have forced inanimate objects ranging from your fist to the fuck machine that has the dildo that force fucks me with the force of a horse, will have me weak at the knees. I love to be thoroughly stretched out and fucked to the brink, and tonight was no disappointment. “Ha-ha you thought I was done?!” You ask. “Not hardly whore!  I want to watch you get fucked by the fuck machine again while you beg for mercy. Maybe your whimpers will satisfy me, but I wouldn’t count on it! I’m in this for the long hall slut! You haven’t been punished right in far too long, I can tell by how low your stamina is!” You say as you turn the huge dildo towards my already destroyed cunt. “Now open wide, because my dildo is going inside, weather you’re ready or not for this ride!”


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