Robot Maid

Bondage whore

I am bought and sold. I exist for only one purpose: Your pleasure. My services come highly recommended. I am highly skilled in many areas, my cleaning and cooking skills are beyond match. However, that’s not what most employers seek me out for. I am exceptional in the area of coitus and its related acts. My mouth is hot and ready, perfect for cock-sucking. My asshole is tight and my pussy eager and wet. I come programmable with five different sex settings ranging from soft bed play to wild cat. I am compatible with any type of kink imaginable. My titties are full and luscious, my skin supple, my lips pouty, and my pussy shaved and ready for your superior cock. I am ready to service your Master cock. To climb on top of your cock and ride is a joy. I am perfect for rough bedroom play because I am programmed to express pain to a severe level, I am made to suffer. Grab me and throw me to the ground, rip off my sexy maid uniform. Get me underneath you and shove your cock into my waiting holes, plow into me and fuck me like you’re mad at me. Beat me, punch me in my pretty face, I can take it. It’s what I’m programmed for, after all.

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