Severe Bare bottom spankings …

bare bottom spakings It was the most severe bare bottom spankings I had ever endured! Thrown over my masters lap, with my ass in the air, each flog, and hand print rang out as pain racked my body. I know you Masters only know the pain given, not taken. But as each new thwack landed the pain increased and I began to whimper and cry. I had done nothing wrong. This was a routine maintenance spanking to keep me in my place. Master took pleasure in how my body responded with each new hit to my ass. In between the pain haze I admired his stamina and felt his cock rise to the occasion! One of his hands squeezed my left tit and brought new pain into the equation. My mouth got me in trouble as he asked if I had enough. I told him The right tit was jealous and that brought a whole new series of hard swats and increased momentum! I smiled through my tears and knew he would fuck me like the submissive whore I am! Sometimes it pays to be his sassy slut! Especially when you like pain!

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