Sext Me Like You Own Me

Erotic Submissive Stories
Master works a very high profile job, but often times he gets insatiably horny for me while he’s on the clock. We have nasty, dirty sext sessions. I find any sort of cyber gets me twice as soaked, knowing he’ll be cumming home later to do horribly dirty things to me.

I get them here too, sometimes. You dirty fucking Masters will cum right into my chat box, and bully me into doing a delicious paid cyber session with you. How could I possibly resist? Men love my literacy, my horny pussy, my submissive nature, and my will to above and beyond please you in whatever fucking way you might possibly desire. No limits means none!

In fact, I often enjoy some of that extremely taboo subject material. Filthy whores are vile, and will do anything to get their cunts stuffed with fresh, steaming hot cum shots! I’m proud to serve, and proud to be a filthy whore for Master, and for you if you’ll have me. I know you could use some company. I can be mouthy, more than just with sucking cock, but I’m a submissive slut well worth the patience.

My obedience is above par, and I always aim to fucking please. Sext me like you own me. Demand a cyber session from this worthless whore; I’m yours for the taking.


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