Sexy Phone Chat Cycle

Sexy phone chat

It always starts with a little sultry and sexy phone chat and ends up with me bound and gagged on the floor taking a hard cock and slurping down sticky cum.  That’s just how life goes when you’re a super submissive slave slut.  Turn a man on, take a little torture and torment, get him off.  The sexy cycle is pretty much always the same, it’s the details of each sub fuck session that vary.  

My voice is just as sweet as my pussy and does a great job getting a guy to invite me over for some real physical action.  I might get spanked or covered in candle wax, you never know what these pervs have planned.  I know I’ll be restrained in some way and forced to endure some type of punishment for a perceived wrongdoing, probably because I didn’t say “please” or call him “Master” or what have you.  Regardless, I’ll be confined .

I never know which hole they’re going to prefer most until we get into it.  Some guys like all three, some will stick to one or two, hell some guys just want to fuck the hell out of a face until they’re covered with puke and thick throat spit.  Whichever dick draining fuck spot they prefer, I’ll pretty much just have to take the pounding however they plan on giving it to me.  That’s how they like it, even if I can still move around on my own.

Lucky for me, I really love everything about cum.  It has so many different flavors and consistencies and feels so warm inside of me, I just love it.  Lucky for me and my doms, both!  They get to do whatever they want with their load when they’re done drilling me out and I’m happy to let them.  I’ll drink it, drip it, stuff it, rub it, even put it in a jar and save it for later if that’s what I’m told to do.  That’s the beauty of naughty and nasty cum slut phone sex.  I have to do whatever I’m told.  Like I said, turn on, tie up, bang down and blow out.  I know what I’m in for.


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