skull fuck me


bondage whore


You know I deserve a good skull fuck for your pleasure, of course. I know you love to shove your thick cock deep inside my mouth and watch as I struggle with it and laugh at the pain you inflict on me. Why does it make my pussy so wet when you make me your bondage whore? I will never understand, but it’s like I was made for this lifestyle, and I am always gravitating towards men that treat me like their personal whores and punching bags. It feels so good to please you and make you cum all the while you spit on me, choke me out and slap me around with all your painful toys. Watch me crawl and beg and cry and plead for mercy. It gets you even more amplified.

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    • Carson on May 22, 2022 at 8:06 pm
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    I love to roughly skull fuck a whore like you.

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