Bare Bottom Spankings Galore!

Bare bottom spankingsDo You think Bare bottom spankings are essential for a whore like mommy? Does that make your nice young cock rise? Or are you an experienced master with a skillful hand? No matter, for I am your spanking whore Galore, and we can even have those spankings go down the family line. In my household it is perfectly acceptable to have the barely legal girls and mommy lined up for spankings by My Husband and Master. Now my son is training to be a DOM he is in on the fun finally. Daddy Had unleashed him on the slave females in the house to do his worst while daddy was gone. But when daddy is in charge he loves to take me and my oldest daughter to our limits. Making us dress each other in the sluttiest thing we can make each other wear. Today we both thought we had him. I put my daughter in a black thong and short slut school girl outfit and she had put me in my tight red dress. Both of us in fishnets and heels. Our collars were on and we present in front of the Master. And then… He sent us to get him two packs of cigarettes. That meant a public display of slut hood for this submissive whore. My daughter and I were not prepared. I drove us to the corner store and we texted our arrival. My daughter thought she could stay in the car but when Daddy was on speaker phone he commanded us inside to the counter and he wanted to talk to the clerk. He asked the clerk to check us for panties in front of another two Male customers. When it was discovered that indeed we were both wearing tiny thongs, the clerk got to remove our panties! He copped a feel and told Master we were wet for him. We purchased cigarettes and Master asked the man to send him pictures from his cell phone of our panties laying on the counter. Now we were going back for our asses to be spanked by Master for daring to wear panties in full slut gear! Mommy and daughters ass spanked relentlessly and each of us spanking the other raw for our indiscretions.Spanking phone sex

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