Slave Auction

Submissive whore phone sexMy owner had not been home for a few days and I was very worried!

I can not live with out him and my bad kitty had not been punished in a while.

I had to go out looking for him! The only clothing I had was slutty lingerie that he had bought me for parties and things but I had to wear something!

I put on my bra and panties and some thigh highs just to stay warm and headed out to find my daddy.

I had only got a little way down the road when this car pulled up and a man got out to help me find my owner. But when I turned, the mean man hit me on the head a knocked me out!

I was dressed in a very fancy lace and satin teddy with high heels and silk stockings and men were pawing at me!

There were several other girls, some of which had woke up, and they were also tied and gagged and dressed in very fancy lingerie!

We were being auctioned off to the highest bidder and I was up next!

The man paid a lot of money for me and then took my leash and took me home.

Still in my gag and restraints, he had put me in a very fancy room with a giant 4 poster bed and drapes all around the room!

I felt like a princess! Then he pulled the drapes back to reveal walls of restraints and and other things that I had never seen before!

As slowly undressed me, taking his time to explore every inch of my body, he told me that my life will be very easy if I learn to please him and do as I am told!

I had been trained well and I thought of daddy and started to cry.

That is when he slapped my face and whipped out his cock and shoved it down my throat!

He had his hands clenched in my hair as he was fucking my face!

His meat was banging hard against the back of my throat and was making me vomit in my own mouth!

He pushed his thick meat in as far as it would go as he held my head hard against him, forcing me to swallow everything that filled my mouth!

After he came, he threw me back on the bed, calling me a filthy whore, saying something about learning to be his slave or suffer the consequences!

With my hands and feet¬† still tied. I curled my naked body up on the bed and cried myself to sleep….where are you daddy?

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