Slave Training

Slave Training (3)

Recently I did a two girl call with one of my fellow submissive whores. I won’t name names or anything, but our caller took advantage of our 2 girl special, making for the perfect hot evening for us all. This call was as intense as it gets! And something I could never forget. You see the goal of this call was not focused on my daughter or really any bondage or rape fantasies. It was based on pain and pleasure all in one. I enjoyed being directed on what to do and when to do it. I got all the things he requested of me…the hairbrush, the cup of ice cubes, the high heel shoe, the nipple clamps, the candles (lit) and a shirt to on me to rip. It’s all about the sound of those things that I am sure had my new master rock fucking hard. He started with the wax, the candle he had ordered me to light before our call, it’d been burning for a while and the wax has really built up…plenty for my helpless nipples. I tipped it over and poured it on my left nipple making me scream and moan but then feel the pleasure of the wax. He told me then to use and ice cube and to rub it all in till it was melted. I was going crazy at this point, it was beyond intense for me. Next came the nipple clams that I applied to that same nipple, going back to dumping wax but this time on my right nipple and then quickly followed by more ice! When we were done with the candles he had be snuff them out with my pussy, that was already dripping. He was far from done though, those nipple clamps still needed to be used on my pussy and let’s not forget the other items he had me lay out…and use oh so painfully. I was screaming and moaning the whole call – after my body was as raw as my throat. I felt truly used, and truly like the submissive whore I am.

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