Slave Training

Slave Training

I brought you a teen slut like you asked, Master. I caught my niece watching interracial porn while she rubbed her little clit so I decided to show her howe nigger sluts get treated by superiors. I was thinking that we can tie her by her ankles and wrist and continue to edge her twat. Most little jungle bunnies are ravenous sex animals so depriving her of her orgasm will be torture. Cover her head with a latex mask as you continue to play with her cunt and bringing her to the edge. I’ll bring you a whip and flogger to slap her inner thighs with. I want her skin to be welted, bruised, and torn like she is a runaway slave! You’re the best master to start her slave training, sir. I don’t want her black snatch to go to waste on a bunch of ape dicks that don’t know how to keep a bitch in place! Are you proud of me, Master?

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