But hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

Bondage whoreRough and hard! That’s how I like to be fucked! I’m a pain whore and the more pain the better. Pain is like a sudden rush for me and there is a thin like that I like to straddle. Speaking of straddle, I love the way you tie me up forcing my legs open with a spreader! I’m like a pig ready to be slaughtered, and baby you know how to slaughter all my holes! I’m your pig who needs to be punished. You know how to punish me just right baby. Spank my juicy ass make it cherry red while you choke and degrade me! Then flog me baby. The sting of your blows against my big tits and my dripping wet pussy is almost too much to handle. You know I’m just a whore and I want you to treat me as such! I will do anything you say although you don’t say much. Force is more your style, and baby I’m loving it. Force your huge dick in my already gapping holes. Use me and make me your cum dumpster baby! Cum all over my fucking face like the cum whore I am. I will suffer in silence knowing this is the fate I deserve! Suffocate me with a huge dildo down my throat. Force me to make it nice in wet so you can punish my holes with it. I want tears to be streaming down my face while your force fuck me with that anaconda baby! It’s so big I know I will bleed, but hey at least I can say I put my blood, sweat, and tears into pleasing you!

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