Slave training and I am ready to conform to your authority. 

Slave training Fuck my asshole daddy, nice and rough.. I love it so much when you use me, Sir. I will follow instructions and be on my best behavior, anything you say goes. Please Sir, may I have one of those incredible, extreme orgasms that make my legs shake while feeling your cock in the pit of my stomach’? Your cock belongs deep inside of me Master, my tight rigid hole is warm and ready to be filled. Pull your cock out of my pussy and force me to my knees.. Make me smell the scentless scent and taste the water, I’ve left all over your veiny dick. I want to be your Cock worshiping slut, who you teabag.. Have me lick the rim of your asshole while you stroke your cock above my face. Looking into my beautiful eyes while jerking you like a total slut. I’ll have your toes curl and show you that.. Yes Master, I’ve been on my best behavior.. I waited for you here at home and did everything you asked me to do.. I couldn’t wait for you to get here Sir, so that I could serve you! Light Bondage still necessary, bend me over and whack my ass even though I’ve been a good girl, my pussy will pulse because I know I’ve behaved so well. I thank you for being so good to me, Daddy. Slide your fingers beneath the seams of my sexy mesh lace panties and run them straight down my slit.. Tell me that I am deserving of your girthy cock.  I will naturally behave so submissively.. Always fully aware and respectable as I should be. Completely fascinated by your presence, thankful for the time you saved just for me. Conscious of my status, I’ve come  prepared for Slave training and I am ready to conform to your authority. 

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