I failed at Prostate milking so was put in my place

Men are so much more powerful, and I am just a worthless bitch. I feel lucky if my master uses me for Prostate milking. I get tired of being in my cage, so I was happy when you finally let me out. You told me a hoe bitch like me should feel lucky that you will let me eat your ass. I stick my tongue out and like a hungry puppy I start lapping at your asshole. Your moans told me I was doing a good job but when you pulled my hair and started to choke me and slap my face, I knew it wasn’t good enough job. I pleaded for you to have mercy on me and let me milk you anyways.

Prostate milking

You love hearing me plea for mercy. You gave me a bit of mercy and stopped choking me so I could breathe and bent me over and spanked my bare ass until it was red. But you wanted to use my mouth, you shoved your cock in my throat and used it to milk your master cock meat. When you finally filled my throat up with semen, I realized why hurting me for you off. You like to be in control and have all the power and I must be your happy Submissive Whore. 


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