Slave Training and Punishment

Slave trainingMaster had me tied up and hanging from the ceiling again. He’d already spanked my ass and left welts and bruises up and down my ass and thighs. Master placed a shock collar around my throat, and demanded answers, and every time he suspected my answers were lies, he would shock the fuck out of me. My voice got very raw, very quickly. When Master finished questioning me, I thought he’d flog my ass, maybe take the whip or cat-o-nine to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Master called out toward the door, and in walked this smug bitch holding a fucking cattle prod! At Master’s direction, she started the prod and slowly moved it closer to my body. I shied away from it as much as the ropes would allow. The first jolt hit my inner thigh, followed quickly by one to my abdomen. I was writhing already, as Master told me that I’d been the most conniving, manipulative little whore he’d seen. She went after my ass cheek next, then my left tit, and I was screaming so much that master put the gag into my mouth. He let her hit me with it 4 more times before he sent her away, smacking her ass on the way out just to show how out-of-favor I’d fallen. I was going to have to work so hard to get back into his good graces. I only hope Master can forgive me…

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