Slave Training Another Master’s Super Young Slave

slave trainingI have been tasked with slave training another man’s submissive mistress. Master asked me to help his friend out. As a seasoned submissive bitch, I know what masters want in a slave. I was broken in by my father at a young age. This woman was not a willing slave. She was quite young, like I was when my father broke me in. This was a trafficked girl that my master’s buddy bought on the black market. My master usually has nothing to do with jailbait. He likes his slaves old enough to be willing and understand his instructions. He turned a blind eye to the girl’s age because he owes his buddy a few favors. The girl spent the week with me. I feel sorry for her. She is young and scared and in a foreign country. My guess from her accent is that she is a Russian doll. Now, she is a Russian submissive whore. I fucked her daily, several times a day, with a strapon. Not a virgin, but likely the first time she was cognizant when being fucked. She had track marks which I assumed were used to break her in and keep her cooperative. I fucked her silly. I felt guilty. I mean the girl is younger than my daughter. She could be my granddaughter if I had one. I not only fucked her, but I conditioned her to get a treat after a hardcore fucking so she would get used to expecting something good like food or the use of the bathroom after she got fucked into oblivion. I fucked her asshole too. No drugs. I wanted her clean and so does her new master. I got the girl trained to take cock in all her holes. She will be good at cock worshiping and cum eating. She is now an anal sex whore too. I train with positive rewards. I find it makes little sluts better sluts. She is like Pavlov’s dog now. She is classically trained to drain her master’s balls. Maybe I can help you break in your little slut too?

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