Cydney’s Erotic submissive stories

Submissive whoreMy master, can’t find out about this.. This morning I woke up to the best dream ever.. I was in a restaurant hiding beneath the table sucking my ex-masters dick.. I was so excited to finally sit my wet pussy down on his long hard cock and look him in the eyes while he milked his dick inside me.. He was choking me and telling me it was all my fault and that I should have never left him.. The thing is I didn’t leave him.. I was walking through a parking lot late night, when suddenly some guy pulled up in a white electrical van.. The back doors swung open and two men came out in black masks..

They dragged me by my hair into the back of the truck and took off.. I woke up completely naked in a fenced up warehouse with women laying everywhere.. They had been drugging and pawning us off to sick fucks out there who get off on using women who are completely out of their minds.. My current Master had brought me on a ride where he used me to prey on some guy he was after.. I was in a hotel riding him when my master came out of the closet and shot his head off..

That’s how me and him bonded.. After that night he took me back to his mansion and I’ve been living with him and serving him ever since.. He has a handful of women in the house but I am his main Submissive whore.. There is one Submissive slut who is not so submissive when he’s not around but she’s nothing too concerning.. Well overall the truth is I miss being a Bondage whore for my ex master!

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