Slave Training at the Cartels farm

Slave Training Slave training for me and my oldest daughters is going well. We are drug mules for our new master. I was surprised at how easy it was for us to be sold to the highest bidder. And this new Master is a fucked up son of a bitch who has no mercy! See, my daughters are not looking forward to being tied down to the breeding bench at the farm. We had been trafficking dope by swallowing rubber balloons filled with a little toe tag dope; and black tar. But we had been busted at the border and now were under the hands of the Cartel. The balloons had leaked and both of my young tight bitches were high. I knew this would happen I have been scared for months about my girls tasting some of that dope and becoming addicted to the shit.

I have to obey my master as he commands me to tie them down. Asses and pussies in the air for a four-legged farm fuck! My girls are begging to be let up, But they won’t get another hit until they perform for these brutal horny men. That’s right It’s Rodeo Time, fucking young women up the ass and pussy with a huge four-legged swinging engorged beast cock. As the four-leggeds come out they are snorting and pawing at the ground. They smell my daughter’s sex and it doesn’t take long for the handlers to get them mounted on my daughter. Master slaps me as they cry out for me and I cry out for them! Now he bends down and shoves a huge butt plug in my ass with no lube on top of a Tab of dope. Mommies going to get really high and watch as my daughters are ripped apart by a braying beast! I don’t get tied down over my bench, I am of my own free will because I am a fucked up bitch who just wants something in her pussy!

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