Bare Bottom Spankings: Flagellation Makes Me Scream!

Bare Bottom SpankingsFlagellation is a craving that only the best submissive sluts have on their mind. The feeling of bare bottom spankings or being flogged by leather tendrils as punishment for things I have done wrong makes my pussy literally pulsate with joy, hovering right on the verge of blowing my own nut. Paddles deal just as much painful pleasure across the perfection of my milky white rump. The ones with the holes are the best for wind resistance. They allow Master to cut across me with fierce might as he slams across my bare bottom over and over. Sometimes silence is preferred when it comes to taking my punishing blows. Other times I am made to count them out so that Master understands that I know that each and every one is for being bad. However, no matter how hard and how strong the swings are I crave spankings across my bare ass.

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