Slave training begun as a homeless teen picked up by a perv

Slave trainingA High school teacher took me in when I was a homeless teen. My parents were drunken alcoholics and I was super troubled. My grades were terrible and my clothes were generations old. I was still wearing dresses from grad school.  I looked like a sleazy cheap whore. I was told by him that I needed structure and he was going to teach me through Slave training. Dinner time meant me under the table on my knees eating his cum while he enjoyed a hot dinner, I served. I had to milk his old saggy balls 6 times before bed.. then rock his world to sleep and use my cunt to swallow his 7th load.

At that age, my hormones were raging anyway so it didn’t feel like an obligation. I enjoyed every moment of Master’s cock sliding in and out of my young fertile cunt. It felt good to finally have access to the finer things. I was groomed by Mr. Oswald who was 30 years older than me to be a Teen Submissive slut that tended to his needs. A wardrobe? I didn’t have one. I didn’t need one, because Daddy said I should embrace my beautiful body.

I’ve always been sort of, flat-chested. I learned from Master that old perverts like girls with smaller tits! This is why I never got breast implants. I like that I will always look so young, weighing just 108 pounds 5ft 4 inches tall, and wearing a 34 A cup bra gets me all the attention I need. I prefer older men with their lives together anyways… Older men know how to take care of a Bondage whore like me, in more ways than 1.

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